Welcome to the UB Smoking Research Lab!

The Smoking Research Lab is located in the University at Buffalo’s psychology department, within the clinical psychology program. The lab is led by Dr. Stephen Tiffany, Distinguished Professor in the psychology department.

The lab is dedicated to understanding processes involved in the development and maintenance of substance use disorders. Current and past research projects have investigated the role of vaping topography and patterns in e-cigarette users, smoking topography in low-level smokers, and development of ecological assessments of cigarette smoking. Dr. Tiffany and his students are interested in the applications and implications of their findings to substance use disorders, broadly defined, and have conducted research on several drugs of abuse (e.g., alcohol, electronic cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes).

The individual pages of our website include information on Dr. Stephen Tiffany and his graduate students, current research projects, graduate student training in the clinical psychology program, and undergraduate research opportunities.

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